As a homeowner, it’s important to stay on top of preventative maintenance in order to avoid expensive repairs. And it might feel overwhelming to keep up with everything. But we can assure you that your wallet will thank you for taking care of your property. So, let’s take a look at some mistakes homeowners make in the winter.

Mistakes homeowners make in the winter

Letting the last of the leaves linger

It’s likely that your lawn looks good and dormant these days. And it very well might be. But even while dormant, there is still some important activity going on down in the root system during the winter months. Letting the last of those pesky fall leaves linger can cause some serious problems for your lawn. They can smother the turf and actually cause mildew to grow, which can kill your grass. Trust us, you’ll want to skip out on that headache come spring and just go ahead and deal with those leaves now.

Stacking firewood too close to the house

We get it, you want your firewood to be as easily accessible as possible. No one wants to go traipsing into the dark and cold to fetch another round of firewood. But firewood actually creates a cozy little home for creepy crawlers. And if you have your firewood stacked too closely to your home, those pesky little (and sometimes big) bugs can find their way inside your cozy home. You’ll want to make sure to keep firewood at least six feet away from any exterior walls. You can also keep it off the ground by utilizing a rack.

Ignoring outdoor faucets

If you used the Fall Home Maintenance Checklist we provided, you’ve already taken care of your hoses. But what about your faucets? Go ahead and put an outdoor faucet cover over the tap. You can snag one of these at a hardware store for a whopping $2. This will help prevent cold air from creeping into your home. You might also want to consider covering up your pipes with some foam insulation to protect them from freezing.

Blocking the sunlight

While it might make sense to keep your windows covered in the colder months to prevent drafts, you might be making a mistake. On those bright, sunny days, go ahead and open up those drapes! While the air outside might be cold, the sun still does a lovely job of warming up your indoor space. Just don’t forget to close the drapes again as the evening crawls in to keep away that pesky draft.

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