Okay, let’s talk budgets. Remodeling budgets, specifically. Before you run away discouraged because you have champagne taste on a beer budget, let us put some of your fears to rest. As a Charlotte construction company with over 40 years of industry experience, we’re well versed in how to stretch your budget. So we’re going to reveal some of our secrets on how exactly we do that.

How to make the most of your remodeling budget

There is no shortage of tips and tricks when it comes to stretching a remodeling budget. Five minutes scrolling Pinterest may reveal enough to make your head spin. But when you’re inundated with all the information, it can be hard to wade through and know exactly where you should put your focus. So we’re going to narrow in on three proven areas that can help you successfully stretch your remodeling budget without compromising quality.

Creatively planning the space

A plan of action is key. Having an understanding of the space you’re working with along with your design dreams and the required functionality is vital. With that information, you’re able to devise a plan of action that employs creativity to ensure you’re getting the best use of your space while accomplishing your design goals. Taking time to focus on this step will reward you with a space that suits your desired lifestyle and provides you with what you need to feel comfortable. The last thing you want to do is spend money on a beautiful new kitchen only to discover it’s not at all functional for your everyday needs.

Another benefit to clever space planning is reclaiming otherwise “lost” or traditionally unusable space. There’s nothing better than discovering a creative use for space in your home!

Design acumen

Let’s talk about champagne taste on a beer budget. You might have expensive taste. You’ve scoured the internet and determined exactly the look you’re going for. Well, employing some design acumen can go a long, long way to stretch your remodeling budget. That’s where it benefits to work with a good general contractor who will steer you in the right direction. You can definitely accomplish a beautiful design with a smaller budget. But it requires an awareness of the market. For instance, say you love the look a specific, expensive tile for your backsplash. An awareness of the market will afford you the opportunity to secure a similar tile that’s much more budget-friendly.

Understanding products and your priorities

When it comes to stretching your dollars, having a keen understanding of your priorities will serve you well. Additionally, working with a construction company that has a lot of experience will help you. When it comes to identifying your priorities, ask yourself in which areas you’re willing to compromise and where are you not. Maybe you have your heart set on a commercial-grade stove but you’re not married to the idea of expensive cabinetry as long as the budget-friendly option still offers a high-quality look. Knowing your priorities will help you work with your contractor to make these important, budget-saving decisions.

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