As a homeowner, you know that there’s standard maintenance you should be doing with each passing season. You might even have a checklist ready to go for the fall already, which is great. But there might be a few maintenance items that didn’t make it on to your list. So we thought we’d share 5 fall home maintenance items you might be forgetting.

Fall Home Maintenance: What you might be forgetting

Check your detectors

As we gear up for the season of heat and fires, it’s smart to check on your smoke and CO detectors. You’ll want to pay attention to batteries and expiration dates.

Paint before extremes

Did you know that paint does not perform well in extreme temperatures? Fall and spring are actually the premium seasons to get any of your outdoor painting done. Have a painting project that you’ve been mulling on for a while? Go ahead and make it happen this fall.

Cut your grass extra short

When it comes time for your last cut of the season, go ahead and cut it a little shorter than you normally would. The recommendation is 1.5 to 2 inches. North Carolina doesn’t see much snow, but in case we do, this helps prevent snow mold. And shorter blades won’t lie down and smother the new grass that’s set to come in next spring.

Drain your garden hose

Garden hoses are not cheap! And yet many of us forget to drain our garden hoses before we put them away for the winter. And sure, there are times we can get away with this. But occasionally freezing water will actually split the hose, rendering it completely useless for the next season. It’s actually fairly simple to drain a garden hose: blast it with an air compressor then just stretch it out on a sloped lawn or driveway to dry.

Clean your chimney

Did you know that the frequency you have your chimney cleaned is actually dictated by the moisture content in the wood you burn? Green (wet) logs require cleans every 50 burns where you’ll get 70 burns between cleans with dryer woods like oak and birch. A standard chimney cleaning will run you anywhere from $225 to $400, but well worth every dollar to keep your property (and your family!) safe.

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