If you’re in the planning stages of a kitchen remodel, then you’ll already know that the options can be pretty overwhelming. There are so many different styles and possible combinations that it could make anyone’s head spin. So we’ve rounded up the top kitchen remodeling trends to help you make some of your design decisions. So let’s jump right in.

Kitchen remodeling trends

Before we get started, we thought it would be wise to point out a few dying trends.

Let’s talk countertops.

Chances are, this is one of the main topics of discussion for you when it comes to your kitchen remodel. Often times, it’s your desired countertop material and color that act as the foundation for the other important kitchen remodel decisions you have to make.

While we’ve certainly seen our fair share of countertop materials come in and go out of style over the years, quartz seems to be here to stay. And we get it! It provides a beautiful, timeless look and it’s practically indestructible. Just be mindful of those hot pots; excessive heat can easily damage the material.

Something that might surprise you is that granite is actually on its way out. This 1990’s/early 2000s trend is starting to lose its popularity, which isn’t all the worst thing if you ask us. It tends to date a kitchen and seem somewhat ordinary these days, plus granite is super porous, so if it’s not properly cleaned and taken care of, it can collect bacteria.

White monochromatic kitchens are losing their luster.

We get it, this seemingly timeless look can be tempting. But why not explore some fantastic alternatives to bring a rich look into your kitchen.

This likely goes without saying but an all-white kitchen can be a real pain to keep clean, so you might as well side-step the dying trend and introduce a few distinctive hues into your space.

Kitchen remodeling: what’s in style?

Now that we have the dying trends out of the way, you might be wondering what exactly is in style. These days, people are making much bolder decisions when it comes to their kitchens. Consider introducing one or more of these fun trends into your kitchen remodel.

  • Introduce unexpected color to introduce a moodier tone.
  • Play with matte finishes.
  • Go with a dark kitchen.
  • Try out a grid motif to accent clean, symmetrical straight lines.
  • Consider Spanish & Morrocan tiles.
  • Go bold with a bright stove and hood.
  • Make a statement by ditching the stainless steel and opting for a colorful or patterned appliance.
  • Try your hand at minimalism.

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