It’s inevitable. The temptation. With time on our hands, we’re desperate to find something productive and satisfying to accomplish. And if you’ve driven past a home improvement store in the last 6 weeks then you know that you are not alone in your quest. Those parking lots have been jam packed since day one of the stay-at-home order. So if you’re one of the many looking to tackle some pandemic projects, let us help guide you in knowing what you should and shouldn’t DIY.

Pandemic Projects you can totally DIY

  • Painting projects as long as they are fairly straightforward. If a full on exterior paint job is on your list, we’d recommend leaving that to the professionals. Got a railing that needs some touching up? Go for it.
  • Gardening projects are a-ok! Create a few planter boxes and look into growing a few crops of your own. These types of projects are both satisfying and also provide you with a great food resource.
  • Building and hanging shelves.
  • Transforming your fireplace with paint.

Pandemic projects to leave to the experts:

  • Anything involving electrical components
  • Plumbing projects
  • Any project that involves structural changes.

Beyond these types of projects involving a specific skill set, there are other reasons to leave them to the pros. Taking on these larger, skill specific projects increases your risk for an unnecessary hospital visit. Additionally, if you end up running into any emergency trouble while attempting a project like this (which honestly, you probably will), emergency professional help is in short supply. You don’t want to end up halfway through a project that compromises the day-to-day function of your home without access to immediate help.

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