These days, it seems everyone is on the hunt for the best ways to optimize their small spaces. WIth the dawn of tiny living and She Sheds, the creative options seem endless. And it’s possible these fairly new concepts have you rethinking your own small spaces. Make the most of your space with these tips to optimize your small spaces.

Upgrade your home by optimizing your small spaces

Build in storage

We’re willing to bet you’d be surprised to discover exactly how much useable space most typically leave unused. You can build in storage space in a multitude of areas such as: overlooked corners, drawers under large pieces of furniture like beds and couches and recessed storage in bathrooms. Once you put your thinking cap on, you’ll spark all kinds of storage inspiration.

Lighten things up

A great way to convert otherwise unusable small spaces into tiny oases is to introduce some light. Whether you accomplish this with natural or artificial light is completely up to you and your budget.

Open up the ceiling

Vaulting an otherwise low ceiling does wonders for opening up a space. Beyond that, you can actually utilize some of that opened space in a creative way like by adding a sleeping loft or cozy lounge area.

Opt for creative doors

Doors can create such problems in tiny spaces. They require more space than you would think and can just get in the way. A great way to optimize your space is to opt for pocket doors. They slide into the wall when not in use requiring no swing zone!

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