Millennials seem to pride themselves on disrupting the status quo in pretty much every area of life. So we wanted to zoom in and see what impact they’ve had on the construction industry. We’ve been focusing in on the baby boomer trends. So we thought it only fair to share these millennial renovation must-haves.

Hot millennial renovation trends

It’s no surprise that millennials are typically buying resale homes and trying their hand at DIY home improvement. This study shows that millennials are more likely than any other generation to remodel any part of their home. It’s also been stated that millennials generally have to compromise size and condition of their starter homes just to be able to afford homeownership. So it’s no real surprise that they’ve taken the remodel and renovation route. However, they are much more cost-conscious than baby boomers.

Millennial renovation: what they’re focusing on

These are the projects that young homeowners are opting for when they look to improve their homes.

Closet makeovers

Since many millennials are opting to live in smaller spaces, we’re not surprised that closet makeovers are among the millennial renovation must-haves. This trend involves introducing eye-pleasing creative organization solutions.

Farmhouse style

You can thank Joanna Gaines for this one. Pinterest searches for “farmhouse decor” have jumped a whopping 700% in the last year. This style has a natural warmth built into the home design and typically involves a communal feeling with the kitchen extending into the living room.

Trendy landscaping

Veggie gardens and house plants have landed themselves on the hobby list for millennials. They simply do not see these things as work but instead actually enjoy them. They see them as living pieces of art. This trend has been driven by a social media influence. Additionally, millennials are spending more money on their outdoor spaces by introducing trendy landscaping elements. These elements include things like ponds, fire pits and high-end lighting.

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