Baby boomers are trading in expensive moves for thoughtful forever home renovations, and it’s kind of genius. Instead of uprooting their comfortable lives, as the baby boomers ease into their older years they’re choosing to stay put. In doing so, the generation is able to customize the homes they love to perfectly suit their changing needs as they age. If this is something you’re considering, here are the top baby boomer renovation trends that are currently sweeping the nation.


First floor master suites

First floor master suites have really only been popular for the last 25 years. So many baby boomers are prioritizing first floor master suites in their remodeling plans. This baby boomer renovation trend is practically a non-negotiable as the generation starts dealing with the pains of growing older. Beyond making their living space more accessible, adding a first floor master suite also helps reduce the risk of falls.

Bathroom remodels

Whether the home already has a first floor en-suite or not, another baby boomer renovation trend is to make subtle aging-friendly changes to the bathrooms. A houzz study showed that about ⅓ of baby boomers are choosing to remove the tub from their bathrooms to improve accessibility as they age. This provides a more expansive feel to the bathroom and it allows for a much larger stall shower.

Other improvements include things like opting for a curbless walk-in shower, removable showerheads, bench seats and grab bars.

Beyond the functionality purpose of the remodel, many baby boomers are looking to add a more spa-like feel to their bathrooms with mood lighting, statement fixtures and even bidets.

Kitchen updates

Another baby boomer renovation trend is to remodel their kitchens to accommodate more entertaining. This is likely in anticipation of providing ample comfortable space to house their family that’s ever expanding with grandchildren.

These renovations typically include things to promote an open layout with ample lighting. They’re accomplishing these goals by opting for larger windows, adding under cabinet lighting, and installing track lighting.

Additionally, many baby boomers are also looking to update their countertops. They’re exchanging the outdated, tired formica for natural stone or quartz.

These baby boomer renovation trends show that the generation as a whole is splurging on home renovations that will help them embrace their new season of life with comfort and ease.

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