These days, we’re all striving to establish a clean and healthy home. And with spring upon us, there’s no better time to dig into the opportunities to freshen up and cleanout. Good old North Carolina gifts us all with sweet sunshine-y (and warmer) days from now until about Thanksgiving. So, as the weather warms up and things slow down, it’s a great time to do a little spring cleaning.

Get your property ready for the season with some spring cleaning

Combat cabin fever by stepping outside. Soak in some vitamin D and fill your lungs with clean, fresh air. And while you’re at it, show your property a little love.

1. Do a little landscaping

Bust out the lawnmower, weed eater and edger. As the weather has warmed up, you’ve likely noticed some weeds sprouting up. Showing your lawn a little TLC this spring will have a major impact on your curb appeal.

2. Fire up the power washer

You’ve probably spent a good amount of time sanitizing the interior of your home. Scrubbing bathrooms and wiping down counters has filled your free time lately. But while you’re at it, pay the exterior of your home some special attention. A quick power washing session will have your home looking clean, fresh and good as new!

3. Give entryways some extra love

Chances are you spend the winter months cooped up inside. The holiday months aside, we tend to stick to our own homes in the winter, spending less time visiting others. But as the weather warms, we all emerge desperately for interaction. And while the world may be practicing social distancing at the moment, it’s still a wise idea to clean up your entryways. Sweep your front porch. Clear out the spiderwebs. Wash your front door and railings. Not only will these things spruce up your home’s appearance, but it’s also another great way to keep things clean and sanitized.

4. Clean out gutters & downspouts

They say April showers bring May flowers. But April showers can bring a whole lot of trouble for your foundation if you don’t clean out your gutters and downspouts.

5. Wash exterior windows

You probably haven’t touched your exterior windows in months. A good old fashioned window washing won’t just make your home sparkle, it’ll help you maintain a clean and healthy home.

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