It’s getting to be that time of year, huh? The weather is cooling. The days are getting just a bit shorter. And out pop the cobwebs. If you battle these year after year, trust us. You are not alone. It seems no matter what a homeowner does, cobwebs continue to pop up day after day, week after week, year after year. So how exactly do you properly clean away a cobweb? And how can you prevent them from coming back? We’re glad you asked.

Cobwebs: How to clean them and keep them away for good

While Halloween is just around the corner, you could probably do without the unplanned creepy, crawly decorations. You probably know this already, but a cobweb is a type of spider web. But what you might not realize is that not all spider webs are considered cobwebs.

Tangle-web spiders, also known as Theridiiae spiders, are responsible for those pesky cobwebs you may see around your home.

How to get rid of cobwebs

There are a handful of methods that a good old standbys. First, you may want to bust out the trusty old microfiber duster. Bonus points if it has a long of telescoping handle. This type of tool is excellent for reaching those hard to reach places such as ceiling corners, behind TVs, around ceiling fans and underneath furniture.

Vacuum attachments will also be your new best friends. These attachments will help you navigate around appliances and into the corners of the room.

How to keep cobwebs from coming back

The trick to preventing cobwebs from returning is actually keeping spiders out. Now, the thing is, spiders don’t actually want to be in your home. They prefer the great outdoors. So if they’ve found their way into your home, it’s most likely by accident. So you’ll want to check your windows and doors for gaps.

You’ll also want to check your outdoor corners, windows, doorways and under the eaves of your home for any active or abandoned webs. By clearing these areas of webs, you’ll minimize the number of spiders who accidentally wander into your home.

Thoroughly cleaning and maintaining your window treatments and blinds, where spiders like to hide, will help prevent their return as well.

Ultimately, your best defense against spiders migrating indoors is white cleaning vinegar. You can also use essential oils as well. Spiders hate peppermint oil and they truly despise vinegar. Mix some water, a few drops of peppermint oil and vinegar into a spray bottle and spritz any areas you’ve noticed webs.

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