So, you’re looking around your house thinking it could use some sprucing up. But your time is super limited (and let’s be real, so are your funds). We get it. While some major upgrades are worth the major investment, those aren’t always feasible. How can you show your home some love without investing a lot of time? Well, these weekend DIY home improvement projects are worth looking into.

5 weekend DIY home improvement jobs you can do right now

Turn a vintage dresser into a bathroom vanity

If antiquing is a favorite hobby of yours, this weekend DIY home improvement project is right up your alley. Converting a vintage dresser into a bathroom vanity is a fairly simple and quick way to completely transform a bathroom. Try it out in the powder room your guests frequently use.

Install a sliding barn door

Have you considered installing a sliding barn door? Whether you’re faced with a space predicament or merely looking to add intrigue to an area, this DIY can get the job done. Sliding barn doors don’t only offer a space saving solution in many situations, they’re a great way to add in a cool home feature. This weekend DIY home improvement project won’t take you more than a few hours.

Upgrade your interior doors

Chances are, your interior doors are those standard, builder grade doors. And there’s nothing wrong with those. But what if you could add some interest with just a few pieces of molding. Upgrade your interior doors by mapping out designs in trim pieces.

Create an accent wall with peel and stick materials.

These days, to add a little flair to your space, you don’t have to be a certified contractor. In fact, you can create a pretty spiffy accent wall by simply peeling and sticking. Okay, it might be quite that simple but close enough. The next time you’re at the home improvement store, check out the peel and stick paneling or wallpaper options. You may just get inspired.

Upgrade your bathtub surround using beadboard

Is your bathroom just a little boring? You can add a little oomph to the boring old bathroom by adding a swanky bathtub surround. With what, you might be wondering? Bead board. It’s fairly inexpensive and pretty easy to work with.

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