It’s buying and selling season, folks. As the summer months creep on it, it’s probable that a for sale sign has erected in your front yard. But with every passing week without so much as a nibble, you might be wondering why your house isn’t selling. Is your house unsellable? Well, let’s take a look at the issues that could be preventing your home from selling.

Is your house unsellable?

Whatever your reason for clicking on this article, we want to help you increase your chance at selling your home. So, let’s quickly troubleshoot the potential problems that might be keeping your house from selling.

1. A major house system is malfunctioning

We’re looking at the HVAC, furnace, hot water tank here. If any of these systems need major work, that could be preventing buyers from making an offer. Go ahead and make the necessary repairs. While they may be costly, they will certainly improve your chances of selling.

2. There’s an odor.

There are few things that stop buyers in their tracks as quickly as an unpleasant aroma. Your home might be in tip-top condition with the best upgrades the market has to offer, but an odor implies trouble. Consider dry-cleaning drapes and steam cleaning carpets. The home should simply smell fresh and clean, as if no one lives there. You don’t want to overdo it with the air fresheners as that can sometimes indicate a coverup. We’d advise having a trusted friend or neighbor do a walk through to ensure there aren’t any underlying odors that you’ve grown too used to detect.

3. There’s a lack of natural light.

While there is such a thing as “cozy-vibes,” most buyers these days are looking for bright spaces with lots of natural light. If the structure lacks windows, consider brightening the space up by painting dark features. If you’re up for it, illuminating renovations can really spruce the place up. You can work with a contractor to help you install additional windows, lighting and maybe even a skylight or two.

4. There’s visible water damage

Honestly, you really don’t want any water damage or dampness in your home. But visible water damage is almost always a deal breaker for buyers. Visible water damage, which in itself is unsightly and an issue, is also an indication of a bigger problem. Plumbing issues and structural damage are the common culprits for water damage. You’ll want to get the underlying issue addressed and the damage repaired in order for a quick sale.

5. There’s exterior maintenance issues

Before the buyer even enters your home, they’re assessing. If the roof is in disrepair or there’s visible damage to your porch, this can turn the buyers off before they even step foot inside. Pay attention to your siding, gutters, roof and exterior paint. These repairs all help to improve your home’s curb appeal which in turn can assist in a swift sale.

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