It’s tough to know what trends to lean into and which ones to skip when it comes to interior decorating. While some trends quickly date a home in just a few years time, others last the test of time. One trend that’s always fun to play with is trendy paint colors. If you’re tempted to lean into the current trend, but you’re not feeling super brave, hang around. We’ve got a few tips for you on how to play with current trendy paint colors.

Where to try out trendy paint colors

Sneaky accents

If you want to ease into things, find sneaky little ways to introduce the trendy paint colors. Interior designers recommend painting the back wall of your built in bookshelves with your trendy color of choice. This method will add a fun pop of color and interest to your space without overwhelming the overall look and feel.

Front door

If you’re feeling super bold, go for the front door. While this method is definitely more of a statement, it’s not a commitment you can’t go back on. Be selective here, though. If you’re not 100% certain of your choice, opt for a lighter color so it’s not as big of a project to change your mind in the future.

Thrifted furniture projects

A great way to play with trendy paint colors is with a DIY furniture project. Head to your favorite local thrift store and select a piece of furniture that’ll go perfectly in the space you’re looking to jazz up.

Peek-a-boo steps

This method is slightly unconventional but definitely a fun way to introduce interest to your space. Use your trendy color to paint the back of your wooden stairs. Only choose this tactic if you’re committed to keeping the back of your stairs painted. While you can always change the color, stripping the paint in the future might be a job better left to the pros.

Accent wall(s)

A more traditional way to play with trendy paint colors is to simply paint an accent wall. While fairly common these days, this method is still a perfect way to jazz up a room without going all in on the trend.

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