As we’ve discussed before, making upgrades and improvements to your home can elevate both function and feel. And in the midst of this pandemic, you might feel the same temptation many others have felt in the last 12 + months: you want to renovate. All this time at home has you noticing things you’ve never noticed before. But before you jump in blind, let us share some renovating tips with you tailored to what you can expect through the pandemic.

Renovating tips: What to expect during the Covid-19 pandemic

Decide with purpose

It’s important to know why exactly you want to renovate. While having extra time to devote to the projects, whether you’re completing them yourself or not, is certainly ideal, boredom is not a great reason to renovate. So let’s look at some legitimately good reasons to renovate during Covid-19:

  • You were already considering a renovation project and now you have additional time to devote to it.
  • You’ve decided that renovating your space will make spending time at home more enjoyable in the coming years.
  • You’ve determined that updating your home will increase your home’s value.

Create a realistic budget

Creating a budget is always important. But it’s especially important during Covid times. While we have plenty of renovating tips to share, this might be the most important. Create a realistic budget that you’re certain will work for you. It’s vital to consider that many renovation projects can creep over budget as things near completion. It’s also important to consider that your financial situation could potentially change given the landscape of the economy through the pandemic.

While it’s never fun to consider all things finance, it’s certainly important when choosing to embark on a renovation project. It’s especially so during a pandemic.

Small projects > Major Renovations

Assess your bandwidth, both financial and workload. As we said, having some additional time on your hands is great when taking on a project. But it might be wise to stick with smaller improvements little by little rather than taking on one big renovation at once.

Consider potential delays

Depending on the nature of your desired renovation, you might find yourself dealing with city permits. It’s important to note in this list of renovating tips that the number of clerks processing those types of requests is fewer due to safety precautions. So it might take longer that you’ve bargained for to get your hands on the necessary permits.

It’s also possible that you’ll have to wait longer for a professional to inspect your property due to the same type of reason.

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