North Carolina sees its fair share of soggy weather, especially lately it seems. And all this inside time might be driving you a bit crazy. If staring at the same four walls while it’s raining cats and dogs outside is getting old, we’ve got you covered. Here are a few rainy day home improvement projects to keep you productively occupied.

Four rainy day home improvement projects

Take advantage of this inside time and get some projects done. Many of these are likely pesky little tasks that you’ve simply been putting off. Let’s take a look.

Change a light fixture

You probably had big plans for how you wanted things to look when you moved into your new home. Whether you settled into a new build or you’re cozied up in a fixer upper, there were certainly changes you wanted to make. We’re sure changing the lighting likely made your list. This small but mighty task can make a monumental difference in your space. But who has the time to spend on light fixtures when there’s bigger, more time consuming projects running the show? Take advantage of the soggy day and swap those bad boys out. You won’t regret it.

Clean the dishwasher

Did you even know that cleaning your dishwasher is something you could or should do? If not, you’re certainly not alone. This dirty job is a perfect rainy day home improvement project. And it’s certainly one you won’t regret taking on. Your dishwasher will start performing like it did when it was brand new!

Change out your hardware

Looking to give your kitchen or bathroom a tiny facelift? Consider changing out your hardware. There are plenty of great options online and in standard home improvement stores. Go for a browse and pick out something unique that you love. You’ll be shocked to see how this small little upgrade can change your space.

Organize your pantry

Another dreaded task. One you’ve likely been putting off. But put those rain clouds to good use and tackle this rainy day home improvement. Take things to the next level by sprucing up your pantry space outside of simply organizing it. Add additional shelving, add storage baskets and create door and wall organization systems.

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