Homeownership can be stressful. It comes with so much responsibility and uncertainty. Much of what you need to know about being a homeowner, you don’t actually learn until you’re knee-deep in the experience. So we thought we would compile a list of a few important tips all homeowners should practice.

Tips for homeowners

Don’t ignore important maintenance

Repairs are a frustrating but inevitable part of homeownership. But you can avoid many costly repairs by establishing a healthy maintenance schedule. Furthermore, choosing to ignore a pesky problem can be a costly mistake. Neglecting to take care of an issue, even a seemingly small one, can develop into a much larger, much more expensive issue fairly quickly.

If you’re just purchasing the home, one way to protect yourself from costly repairs is to have the home inspected before you buy it.

If you have lived in the home for some time, take the time to establish a comprehensive maintenance schedule. You’ll also want to establish your home maintenance team. This is usually comprised of an HVAC company, a plumber, electrician, handyman, roofing company, pest control company, locksmith and chimney sweeper.

Hire qualified contractors

We know that DIY is all the rage these days. And there is certainly a time and place to tackle a project yourself. But if the end goal is to save money, we would strongly recommend steering clear of any home improvements or repairs that you are not qualified to make. Not only is your home the place you live, where you’re meant to be most comfortable, it’s also a hefty investment.

Something of such high value should receive proper attention. And in a lot of cases, that attention should come from a skilled professional.

If you do happen to attempt a repair or improvement project that goes awry, here’s what you should do.

If you’re not sure if the project is something you could or should tackle, we’ve compiled a list of what to DIY and what to leave to the experts.

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