Realtors across the US will tell you that Spring and Summer makeup “moving season.” But what happens if you need to sell your home in the fall? Whether you’re facing a job change or just craving a relocation, you need to sell. So we thought we’d put together a little guide to share how to sell your home this fall.

How to sell: optimize your home’s appeal this fall

Fall and winter offer a few more hurdles than the warmer months. While things just seem a bit more appealing with the lush green backdrop that those warm months tend to offer, you can still make your home quite appealing even in the cool, dark months.

1. Introduce a daily outside property check into your routine

Falling leaves and spiderwebs can quickly transform your home from beautiful to scary in mere matter of minutes. We know, both can be quite frustrating to battle. We’d recommend introducing a quick outdoor check into your daily routine. Quickly rake up any new leaf fall and knock down those webs that seem to have appeared just overnight. Your potential buyers will thank you.

2. Use summer property photos for the listing

We realize this one might require more forethought than all might be afforded. But if you have summertime property photos, use them. Like we mentioned before, everything just looks better with a lush, green backdrop.

3. Lighten up

Don’t let the shorter days make your beautiful home seem drab and gloomy. While most buyers are looking for natural light, you really can’t depend on that during the fall and winter months. So, before every showing, turn on every single light in the home. We’d also encourage you to make sure your exterior lighting is all in proper working order and on for those showings that might stretch into the post sunset hours.

4. Keep your glass sparkling

The warmer months can take quite a toll on your exterior windows. You might be blind to the buildup as it accumulates slowly over time, but your potential buyers will certainly notice. And as the cobwebs collect and leaves fall, your windows can truly tell a false narrative that the property isn’t well cared for. Take the time to clean up and maintain clean windows.

5. Warm things up

While it’s likely that your buyers will do an inspection to make sure the HVAC system is in good working order, do yourself a favor. Go ahead and have an HVAC contractor out to the house. Keeping the home warm and cozy during those fall and winter showings will give the potential buyers a sense of confidence in the vital system.

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