While a renovation boom has certainly been happening over the last 20 years, the pandemic has nearly doubled the demand. Charlotte residents are opting for home renovations, and we can’t blame them. With the housing market at an all-time high, purchasing a new home is simply not in the cards for many at the moment.

So, if you are like most other Charlotte residents opting for a renovation, here are five things you should know before you get started.

What you should know before starting a home renovation

Spend time in the space

As obvious as this might seem, spend time in the space you intend to renovate if possible. It’s common for certain design elements to hinge on one another. It may not be until you’ve spent some time in the space that you can confidently determine what it needs. When possible, make one change at a time. For instance, select your flooring and get it installed. Spend some time with that decision before solidifying your paint choice. Get the paint on the walls before finalizing your lighting. All of these elements work together, but they all behave differently in certain structures and lighting.

Establish a realistic timeline

It’s reasonable to be eager in these situations. Renovations are exciting and satisfying projects. But it’s wise to go into these projects with an understanding of how long it may take. Especially right now, renovation projects take time. Contractors are booked up. Labor and supplies are in short supply. It’s vital to practice some patience to see your project through to a successful completion.

Plan for the unexpected

Things happen. It’s amazing what stories a structure can tell you when you rip out walls and tear up flooring. No one likes to be caught off guard. And while it’s always the hope that the unexpected doesn’t happen, it’s always best to work out a few contingency plans just in case.

Be choosy about with whom you work

Entertain bids and interview multiple contractors. It’s likely that while you know what you want, you may not know the optimal way to accomplish it without overpaying. Without speaking with multiple contractors, you risk either not getting what you want or paying too much.

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