It’s about that time. We’re about to
swing into yet another calendar year. And if you’re like many of us, you
might be resolving to be
more on top of things
this year. If that’s the case, bookmark this home maintenance schedule
to guide you.

A home maintenance schedule you
can actually accomplish



  • Clean gutters and ensure they are draining properly.

  • Check the house and garage for any rotting wood and
    repair if necessary.

  • Clean windows and frames (or have them professionally
    cleaned). Be sure to clean the screens at this time, too.

  • Trim trees and bushes.

  • Survey the yard and clean flower beds and natural

  • Repair any wear and tear on the porch floor.

  • Reopen exterior water valves.



  • Clean carpets and wax tile and/or hardwood

  • Survey your chimney and any other brick areas. Ensure
    the mortar is still in good condition and repair as needed.

  • Check for signs of any type of destructive insect such as
    carpenter ants and termites.



  • Check for cracks in the driveway and your sidewalks.
    Patch and seal if necessary. This goes for both concrete and

  • Audit the wood on your property: inside and outside.
    Repair any that is rotting.

  • Inspect the roof for any damage.

  • Check the trim. Touch up any chipped paint and/or loose

  • Clean the chimney.



  • Turn off exterior water valves to prevent pipes from

  • Inspect furnace filters and make sure they are being
    changed monthly.

  • Re-grout tile in bathrooms and kitchen as needed. Be sure
    to add a silicone sealer.

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