Labor day has passed and the days are starting to get shorter and shorter. And we all know what that means: it’s fire pit season. And as North Carolinians, we welcome the shift to cooler weather with open arms after the brutal heat of summer. If you’re looking for ways to create an inviting, safe and comfortable backyard fire pit oasis, well, you’ve come to the right place. We’re going to share tips for a DIY fire pit.

Tips for a DIY fire pit

Pick the right location

Location is key when it comes to designing and building an inviting and safe fire pit. You’ll want to be sure that the area you’ve selected is far enough away from your home and deck structure. It would also be wise to check in with your utility company to determine where any lines might be buried. And it’s also smart to pay attention to which direction the wind blows.

Level it out

Once you’ve selected your area of choice, it’s time to level out the area. Determine how large you want your seating area and level out the surrounding ground. The tools you will need for this will depend on the size of the area and the terrain you are dealing with.

Consider your actual fire pit options

There are a number of options when it comes to the actual fire pit structure itself. Things you’ll want to consider are if you’ll be using the fire pit to cook over or is it just for gathering and warmth? Do you want to build the actual structure or would an established pit from a local hardware store fit the bill? Will this be a permanent space or do you need it to be something you can remove at some point?

Choose comfortable seating

Let’s face it, the seating is probably just as important as the fire pit structure itself. Determine the vibe you’re going for and choose your seating accordingly. Popular options include Adirondack chairs or benches.

Add lighting

While the fire will certainly bring some illumination to the space, you’ll want to think about adding some lighting to the space. Some options include string lights and tiki torches.

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