As the weather starts to warm, you may find yourself looking to spend more time outside. Understandable. There are few things better than a cold beverage sipped on a warm deck. But your deck is looking awfully small and drab. Totally uninviting. Luckily, we have some deck upgrade ideas to spruce up your outdoor space.

Deck upgrade ideas to better enjoy the warm weather

Clear it out

It’s very possible that your deck has become a bit of a catchall over time. And now it’s home to all the trash and junk you weren’t quite sure what to do with. First things first, clear it all out. Take some time to make the important decisions. What stays? What goes? Where can some of these things call home if it’s not the deck? A good clear out will offer you the foundation for the other, more exciting steps in your deck upgrade.

Clean it up

After you’ve cleared everything out, you might find that things are a little worse for wear. Pay attention to the places that might need a little help. Your deck upgrade might include a bit of sanding, staining or painting. Either way, invest some time in showing the materials some TLC. Taking the time to revamp the materials will have your deck looking (and feeling!) like new.

Keep it pest free

Is there anything worse than settling in for a relaxing evening only to be eaten alive by mosquitos? Doubtful. You deserve an outdoor oasis that’s pest free. There are a few ways to make this happen. Tiki torches are a popular choice. Citronella candles can get the job done. Or if you’re truly committed to a pest free environment, consider an electronic bug zapper.

Add some comfort

Okay, you’ve cleared and cleaned things up, now it’s time to start reintroducing what you’ve decided to keep or invest in something new. Either way, your deck upgrade should include a comfortable place to take a load off. If you choose to keep what you already have, give a good deep scrub. If you’d prefer something new, be sure to consider the function of the space when shopping for the furniture.

Set the mood

The last step in your deck upgrade is possibly the most fun. This is your opportunity to add some interest to the space. String up some festoon lights. Add some speakers to get the music pumping. Introduce a fire pit (if it’s safe).

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