Doing anything for the first time can feel a bit unnerving. And rumor has it that getting started with anything is the hardest part. Typically, it’s the unknowns that hold people back. And you know what? We get it. We thought we’d take this opportunity to shed some light on what to expect when working with a general contractor on your Charlotte home renovation.

What to expect when working with a Charlotte general contractor

Expect professionalism

Sure, general contractors are typically in your home a lot. And depending on the length of your project, they can be a pretty reliable fixture in your life for quite some time. But you should be able to expect undeniable respect and professionalism from a good contractor. It’ll be tempting to buddy up with them, and establishing a warm relationship is a-ok. But a good contractor will never cross the boundary and take advantage.

Straight shooter

While a great general contractor knows just how to soften the blow of an unexpected expense, they’ll also give it to you straight. You should be able to expect clear, up-front and honest communication from your contractor.

A clear plan of action

A clear plan of action is key. Sure, there will almost always be things that pop up along the way which require flexibility and grace. But ultimately, a clear plan of action is a necessity. Not only should you and your general contractor discuss design and style expectations, but you should also establish timelines, deadlines and even a clean up plan.

Personal involvement

Ultimately, it’s your home and your project. The general contractor might be the power behind it all, but you are the ultimate manager. A good general contractor will involve you along the way. They’ll check in, offer progress reports, request approval at certain points and ultimately seek to deliver an end result that’s just what you hoped.

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