If selling a house is part of your plans for this year, you might have a few questions that need answers. With so many different buying options these days, sellers are often left wondering what fixes they need to make before putting a house on the market. While some companies offer an “as is” sale option, it’s important to note that convenience comes at a price. If you choose to take a more traditional sales route, there are a few things you might want to do before putting your house on the market.

Do these easy fixes before selling a house

It’s always a good idea to make your property as enticing as possible to potential buyers. Decluttering and removing overly personal items is usually recommended by the realty team so it’s easier for potential buyers to envision the space as their own. You will also want to keep the home extra clean and tidy. But in many cases, making your property extra enticing will require a few quick fixes.

Replace or repair faucets

This might seem super minor, but faucets are something that potential buyers notice. While faucets can last for years and years, tiny leaks at the handle can create issues like hard water spots or a breeding ground for mold. If you’re even slightly DIY savvy, this is definitely a project you can handle yourself. When it comes to the kitchen faucet, consider adding one that has a pull out sprayer to make dish washing easier. You’ll score extra points with potential buyers that way.

Replace door handles

Another seemingly minor detail that can have a major impact: doorknobs. A simply upgrade to this hardware can make your space appear fresher, cleaner and more modern. Aside from the aesthetic, doorknobs, when they function properly go practically unnoticed. But a doorknob with a slight malfunction can create a major headache. The goal is for your doorknob to add to the overall look and feel of the house but to also go pretty much unnoticed.

Perform HVAC maintenance

Before you put your house on the market, it’s a good idea to have an HVAC professional come out to do an inspection on your system for any potential issues. HVAC issues can cause potential buyers to opt out of a sale, so it’s best to have them taken care of beforehand.

Patch holes and cracks

When you take away the personal touches that make your house a home, you might be left with several holes. It’s also possible that without those distractions, normal cracks that occur due to the foundation settling might become more obvious. An easy way to present a blank but beautiful canvas to potential buyers is to patch up those holes and cracks.

Update or repair any appliances you plan to convey

If you plan to use your move as an opportunity to splurge on new appliances, it can make the house you’re selling more appealing by leaving your current appliances behind. If you choose to do this, it’s a good idea to make sure those appliances are left in decent condition.

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