As the year comes to a close, it’s possible you’ll find yourself with some time off. In between the hustle and bustle of the holidays, you may want to use the time productively to do some holiday home renovations. These projects are quick and easy ways to spruce up your space especially if you’re planning to do any hosting this year. So let’s take a look at some holiday home renovations.

Holiday home renovations to prepare for house guests

Modernize your kitchen backsplash

For whatever reason, no matter how bit or cozy your home may be, everyone seems to congregate in the kitchen during the holidays. If a full kitchen remodel isn’t in the budget (or the schedule), opt to modernize your kitchen backsplash. This project can give your kitchen a whole new look without investing too much money or time.

Refurbish the fireplace

A current trend we’re seeing a lot is to swap out a wood-burning fireplace with an electric or gas fireplace. These options are cleaner and easier to upkeep but still offer that nice ambiance we all crave. Cozy up your space just in time for your family to arrive.

Give your cabinets a makeover

Dream of a new kitchen but don’t have the budget for a total remodel, this is a great option for you. Painting your cabinets is an easy but detailed project that offers a spectacular payoff. Take it a step further and swap out the hardware and upgrade your light fixtures. In just about a week’s time, you can have a whole new (looking) kitchen!

Freshen up paint

Not a revolutionary thought, we know. But a great way to add some dynamic interest to your space before the family invades is to freshen up the paint in your home. Whether you choose to simply add a fresh coat of the same color or you opt for a whole new color scheme, we recommend following a few easy steps for a great paint job.

Upgrade your flooring

Got carpeting throughout your house that’s feeling a bit outdated or worn out? Replacing it with luxury vinyl planks or laminate flooring is a great way to DIY upgrade your flooring. We would recommend if you prefer to do a bigger project like tile or hardwood flooring that you hire a local professional contractor. As a qualified professional contractor, we can typically get this job done in about a day or two.

Spruce up your property’s curb appeal

It’s not uncommon for our yards to get a bit neglected in the winter. But a great way to offer your guests a warm welcome is to present a well-manicured exterior. This is fairly simple to accomplish in an afternoon depending on how neglected your yard may be. Take some time to trim up the bushes, blow away any lingering leaves and clean your windows. Inspired? Check out more of our DIY content!

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