While North and South Carolina tends to be a little confused when it comes to winter weather, the season of dropping temperatures is upon us. And with it comes the responsibility of preparing your property for the winter months. Whether you’re a first time homeowner or a seasoned veteran, you can utilize this checklist for winterizing your property.

When to winterize?

You might be wondering when exactly you should get started winterizing your home. In most cases, we’d suggest paying attention to weather patterns. But those can be slightly unpredictable in North and South Carolina. So, a good rule of thumb is to complete this checklist before the first snow or ice storm. That can vary throughout the country–but in North and South Carolina, it’s a good idea to have this done before the end of December or early January.

Winterizing your property: use this handy checklist

This handy checklist will help you keep track of all your winterizing tasks. Keep in mind, some of these projects are bigger than others, so we recommend being mindful when scheduling out these tasks! While most of these things can be done on your own, you may want to consider leaning on the pros and experts where necessary.

  • Clean out your gutters and make sure your drain pipes are clear. Your gutters and drain pipes function to filter rainwater (and other precipitation) away from your home. If they’re clogged, this water collects around your foundation which can cause problems of its own. But when that collection of water freezes, that’s a whole different kind of headache that you’ll want to avoid.
  • Walk around your property and check your siding for any cracks or gaps. If you happen upon any, you can caulk them up to keep your home well insulated throughout the winter months.
  • Examine your doors and windows and seal up any drafts with weatherstripping or caulk.
  • Have your heating system looked at.
  • Check your property and the surrounding areas for any potentially problematic trees & limbs. If you find any, make a plan to have them taken care of before any threatening weather.
  • Drain & detach your hose from the bib. Even the tiniest bit of water sitting in the hose can freeze and cause your pipes to burst.
  • Assess your AC Compressor and make sure it’s ready for the winter months by removing any sticks, leaves and debris. You can even buy an air conditioning compressor cover for extra protection.
  • Change the direction of your inside ceiling fans.
  • Change your air filters. Dirty filters can mess with airflow and cause your equipment to work harder than it needs to. The last thing you want is for your heater to bum out on you in the dead of winter.
  • Clean your baseboard vents to avoid that burnt dust smell and to optimize airflow.

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