Across the US, the temperature is rapidly dropping. The leaves are changing and falling and things are definitely moving swiftly in the direction of snow and ice. As the days get increasingly shorter, many of us feel tempted to hole up in our homes for the duration of the winter months. But as you spend more time indoors over the next few months, you might notice there are a few home projects that you’d like to tackle. While winter might not seem like the most obvious prime time for home renovations, there are several projects that make for great winter renovations.

Winter renovations: what projects can you and should you take on this season?

While there are some projects best saved for the warmer months, winter can be prime time to give your home some much needed TLC. So, what projects can you tackle this winter?


The winter months mean spending more time indoors, doing more hosting, and cooking up all the warm, cozy comfort foods. Why not enjoy a brand new kitchen while you’re at it? Maybe you’ve noticed that it’s time for a bit of a change. Winter is just a good a time as any to swap out your old, tired kitchen counters for something new. Maybe you’ve been itching to replace your kitchen cabinets or have them repainted. Gift yourself and your family the joy of a new kitchen remodel this season.


While many homeowners tend to take on interior painting projects during the warmer months, the winter is actually the perfect time to tackle this project. Do you know how your skin can feel extra dry in the cold, winter months? Well, that same dry, cold interior air can actually help paint dry more rapidly.


While it’s often overlooked throughout the year, you’ll likely pop into your attic or crawl space a time or two as the holiday season approaches. The winter months are actually the perfect time to pay a little extra attention to your attic or crawl space. As the days grow colder, it’s important to protect yourself and your family from the frigid temperatures. A great way to do this is to re-insulate your attic or crawl space. While it’s not the traditional remodeling idea you had in mind, it’s important to keep your home insulated properly 

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