Renovating a bathroom or creating an addition can add function and style to your home while increasing the resale value. The first step to an improvement project is imagining what you want it to look like. 


Before you review the current trends in home renovation, consider how you want the space to work for your family for years to come. A timeless bathroom design is clean, simple, and functional while reflecting your family’s unique taste. 


In this blog post, we’ll discuss classic design concepts to consider as you plan your project.

Defining Timeless Style

What makes a design timeless? It’s a sense of style that transcends trends and fads and emphasizes classic, elegant, and well-made pieces. 


A renovation or addition is a considerable investment. A timeless bathroom design can help you enjoy your space for years to come.

Achieving a Timeless Bathroom Design

When planning to redo your space, you have a lot to think about, including countertop and vanity choices, fixtures, paint color, floors, and so on. 


Honing your focus on a specific style can help you narrow your options and make choices for your space. Here are the features you should consider as you plan your renovation.


Timeless bathroom designs have effortless characteristics that are always in style, such as brushed nickel hardware and neutral paint colors. The room should evoke feelings of comfort and relaxation. 

Comfort and Function

Timeless design focuses on functionality and comfort for your family and guests. Keeping everyday use in mind is key for ensuring a practical living environment, whether you are planning to redo a primary bathroom or a half-bath.

Quality Materials

High-quality materials are of the utmost importance for a timeless bathroom design. You want pieces built to last and have the durability to withstand the test of time.

Classic Patterns and Textures

A modern bathroom will never look outdated. You can achieve this by choosing classic design elements, including:


  • Stripes, checks, and geometric shapes
  • Textures like wood grain, marble, and natural fibers


The design should be able to adapt through the years without making major changes. You can easily update accents to reflect changing tastes. 


While a timeless design should be absent of trends, it also provides a simple canvas for you to tie in trending decor, such as towels, shower curtains, and other accessories.

Transform Your Home With Meridian DesignBuild

A timeless bathroom design should speak to your family’s unique needs and style. You can achieve this by keeping the design simplistic by adding neutral colors and materials built to last. 


A contractor can help you bring your vision to life. At Meridian DesignBuild, we pride ourselves on offering in-depth design solutions for our clients’ specific needs. We work with you to carefully create and plan a renovation for your home.


As you consider design elements for your renovation, check out our portfolio of exceptional work, including our recent Waxhaw bath and laundry remodel. We also specialize in kitchen work, additions, and outdoor living spaces. 


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