Here in North Carolina, it’s easily a bajillion degrees in the summertime. Okay, that might be a slight exaggeration, but barely. Frankly put, it’s hot. And while it can be tempting to set your home up like an icebox, the experts actually have some advice when it comes to temperature control. While we all certainly want to be comfortable all year long, none of us want to get slapped with an outrageous electric bill. So let’s dive into some summer thermostat best practices.

What’s the best temperature for your thermostat in the summer?

Now, the experts say that the ideal temperature for your thermostat in the summer is 78 degrees. 78 degrees is cool enough to be a relief from the scorching heat, but it won’t overwork your air conditioner (or your wallet).

Aside from a hefty electric bill, you also don’t want to risk your unit freezing up or failing. So with that in mind, the experts also advise that you don’t set your thermostat for anything lower than 72-70 degrees in the summer.

If you’re sitting there, mouth hanging open thinking I just can’t live like that, you’re not alone. When Energy Star, the Federal program from the Department of Energy and EPA, made these recommendations, those in particularly warm, humid climates pushed back.

Summer thermostat best practices in warm, humid climates

The official Energy Star recommendation is to set your thermostat to 78 while you’re home, 85 while you’re away and 82 when you sleep. But in a warm, humid climate like North Carolina, those temps just won’t cut it. Not only will you be uncomfortable, those temps and humidity can wreak havoc. You’re not interested in a mold problem, are you? Didn’t think so.

So, what are the recommendations for your summer thermostat in North Carolina?

  • Set your thermostat to 72-75 degrees. This will keep you cool and comfortable and it’ll actually save you a few bucks.
  • Don’t bump the temperature way up when you leave the house. The unit will have to work too hard to cool the house back down in our warm climate, costing you precious dollars and risking the well-being of your unit.
  • Do bump it up a couple of degrees when you leave the house. So, if you set it to 72 while you’re home, setting it to 74 on your way out is advised.

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