The birds are chirping and the bees are buzzing. Spring is finally upon us. And as the world starts to thaw, you’re probably itching to freshen up your space. But it can be hard to determine what you should spend your time on when it’s so limited. So, what are some spring home projects you can take on to bring life back into your home? Let’s take a look.

Spring home projects to freshen your space

Clean your carpets

After a long winter spent inside, it’s time to give your carpets a good cleaning. Whether you hire the professionals or do it yourself, steam clean your carpets. Besides dirt and grime, your carpets cling to odors. Steam cleaning will bring fresh new life to your space.

Reorganize your closets

Regardless of how big your closets are, it’s always a good idea to pay them some special attention every once in a while. It’s about that time to swap out your winter garb for all things spring and summer.

Wash your windows

You may not realize it, but fall and winter can do a real number on your windows. Giving them a good wash won’t just get them looking great, it can also help prevent window damage, protect your indoor air quality and protect your home’s efficiency levels.

Prep your garden

It’s not too early to start preparing your garden. Now would be a good time to trim dead or damaged branches from trees and shrubs. Make sure the last frost is behind you before you plant your summer-flowering bulbs.

Powerwash your home

Mold, algae and mildew can grow on the exterior of your home. And overtime, it can actually migrate under your siding which can lead to expensive repairs along with some serious health concerns. But making power washing a regular part of your maintenance schedule can prevent significant damage down the line.

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