Purchasing a small home has its advantages. Less space with which to keep up. Less expensive to heat and cool. And they can be packed full of adorable, cozy charm. But you might be wondering how to best improve the flow and function of your small home. Well, we’ve got you covered by sharing these smart home improvements for small homes.

Small home: improve its flow and function with these smart updates

Take advantage of nooks & crannies

Chances are if you take a quick look around your home, you can find a few awkward, seemingly unusable spaces. But with just a little bit of effort, you can transform these awkward spaces into additional storage space, reading nooks or even an area for shoe storage.

Play up the natural light

Nothing makes a room feel small and closed off like a lack of natural lighting. Consider adding windows or skylights into some of the darker areas to brighten things up. The more natural light in a room, the more spacious it feels.

Consider lofting

Depending on the layout and ceiling height of your home, you might have some vertical space to play with. Adding a loft can create not just another cozy, usable space in your home but it can also add interest to an otherwise boring space.

Look up: Add tray ceilings

While vaulting your ceilings may simply not be an option, you can hack the look. Adding a tray ceiling can add interest and vertical space to a room that feels too tight.

Open things up

Small homes tend to be older homes. And older homes have a tendency to be pretty compartmentalized. Doors and walls everywhere. To improve the flow and function of your small home, consider knocking down some walls.

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