If you’re in the middle of the home buying process, you’ve probably heard the words “remodel” and “renovation” thrown around. And as you hesitantly look around the “fixer upper” the agent is showing you, you think to yourself what on earth is the difference? And you might also be thinking dang, that sounds expensive and like a lot of work. Well, the good news is that you are not alone in either of those thoughts. So if you want to know what’s up with a remodel vs. renovation, stick around. We’re going to break things down for you.

What’s the difference? Remodel vs. Renovation

In many cases, the words remodel and renovation are used interchangeably, especially in real estate and interior design. But there is technically a difference between the two. Let’s take a look.

What is a renovation?

A renovation is the practice of restoring something to its original or previous state. And in many cases, it can offer a better return on investment for you depending on the circumstances. A renovation is a great choice if your property offers what they call “good bones.” The property was built with quality materials and timelessness in mind. If you like what you see but it all just looks a little tired and run down, a renovation is the right route for you.

What is a remodel?

A remodel is when you actually change the structure of something. For instance, your fixer upper is just what you want on the outside, or the property fits the bill, but the flow is all wrong. You want to blow out walls, open up the kitchen, add a bathroom. You get the idea. Remodels can be a bit more of an investment in many cases just because of the magnitude of that type of project. You’re creating something new. Changing something old.

In either case, whether your project is more of a remodel or renovation, we are here to help! We specialize in additions, renovations and remodeling.

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