As the days grow shorter and the temps drop, you might find yourself spending more and more time cozy indoors. And as you lounge, fireplace roaring and cup of cocoa in hand, you might be thinking man, this place could use some work. The good news is, you are definitely not alone. There tends to be a significant uptick in DIY home improvement projects during the fall and winter months. We get it. So with that in mind, we thought we’d share 5 great fall DIY projects for you to tackle.

Fall DIY Projects you should add to your todo list

1. Create organization systems

We’re willing to bet if you took a good, hard look around your house, you’ll notice a few areas that could use some organizing. Do your future self a favor and instead of just simply quickly tidying up, create an organization system that you can rely on. Make use of peg boards, wall hooks, bins and cubbies to bring some perpetual peace to your space.

2. Paint or replace your trim

When was the last time you really paid attention to your trim? Either repainting or replacing your trim can really transform your space. Take some time to look into the different styles (there are many!) and narrow in on the vibe you’re craving.

3. Show your doors some love

Much like trim, doors are typically overlooked, too. In fact, we’d like to challenge you to peek up from this post and look at the closest door in your home for the next 10 seconds. You’re…kind of horrified, aren’t you? It’s probably smudged, scuffed and possibly even scratched and damaged. Your doors, both interior and exterior, are so heavily used and often shown very little love. You may feel inspired to repaint or replace your doors. But if either of those feel like too big a project, you’ll be shocked to see how much of a difference a good, hard scrubbing can make.

4. Upgrade your light fixtures

Looking for a simple but powerful transformation? Invest in your light fixtures. Outdated or builder grade fixtures can be fine, but specialty fixtures can really add some much needed personality to your space. In fact, light fixtures can easily make a home seem more custom and expensive. This is a great bang for your buck project.

5. Introduce a modern color palette

You might be itching to paint. And again, you wouldn’t be alone in that temptation as many others are partaking in that exact activity this fall. We’d like to encourage you to do your research and pick a color palette that you can integrate throughout your home. Instead of focusing on one room at a time, take into consideration the flow of your spaces. If you do opt for a painting project, be sure to to properly prep!

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