Whether you’re a current or potential client, you might be wondering how exactly the Covid-19 pandemic and its effects on the construction industry impact our projects. And while we’re always committed to Excellent construction with timeless results, there are certain factors out of our control that influence our project costs and timelines. So let’s take a quick look at what those factors include.

Pandemic factors that impact our projects

Material shortages

As you likely already know, demand is up and production is down. What does that mean? Well, materials are hard to come by at the moment, even with significant lead time. We can precisely plan a project well in advance, but when materials are hard to procure, delays are inevitable.

Subcontractor availability

The material shortage is actually causing a bit of a ripple effect throughout the industry. We’re facing difficulty securing subcontractors. And a primary reason is because we’re not the only ones experiencing delays obtaining materials. Subcontractors are having a hard time getting the materials they need to complete their scope of work for projects, delaying their availability to move on to a new project. Additionally, with the rise in demand for trades work, subcontractors are overwhelmed with new projects. It’s during these unprecedented times that we are grateful for the relationships we have with subcontractors and their willingness to prioritize our projects.

Labor and material fee increases

Labor and materials are at an all-time high right now. But the bids for projects have only increased by .01% (compare this to the 8.1% increase in material costs). This disconnect creates awfully costly conditions in which to operate.

Despite all of these challenges, we refuse to sacrifice our excellence in construction and integrity of management. That being said, we sincerely appreciate your patience as we navigate this new (and hopefully temporary) landscape within the industry. It is our commitment to remain transparent about any potential challenges or delays that may come up throughout your project.

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