Whether you’ve lived in Charlotte five minutes or five years, you’re probably aware of the housing market here. It’s hot. And competitive. A recent Redfin audit revealed that most homes get multiple offers and sell usually within 46 days. It also indicated that most homes sell for about 1% below list price while hot homes can go for 1% above list price. The point being: you stand to make some decent dough if you take care of your property. So, we thought we’d share some of the top Charlotte design trends this season to help you position your home as a hot commodity should you consider selling.

Top Charlotte Design Trends

Multifunctional spaces

Thanks to the trendy open floor plan, multifunctional spaces are a must. Especially in today’s world where so many are working and learning remotely. The areas in which you most commonly see serving multiple functions are the living room and the kitchen. Get creative about how you can implement some multifunctionality to your space to up the appeal.

Curvy shapes

If this strikes you as a bit of a throwback, you’re right! This element was super trendy back in the sixties and seventies, and it’s making a delightful resurgence. Consider adding some rounded furniture to your space to give it a sleek, modern look with a vintage feel.

Earth Tones

We’re seeing a lot of earth tones these days. We’re talking olive greens, burnt oranges and yellow ochre. They bring a warm feel into a room while also offering a bit of a connection to the great outdoors.

Nature in patterns

If you’re thinking that wallpaper is out, think again. Not only is wallpaper back with a bang, the trend these days is to have a nature pattern papered to the walls. Give it a go to add some interest to an otherwise boring space.

Mixed metals

This might be another trend that has you reaching into your memory bank. While interior design trends navigated away from the brassy look years ago, it’s back once again. And this time it’s bringing its friends. Mixing metals is a great way to add some visual interest into your space.

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