As you prepare for any type of remodel project, it’s natural to wonder what the process will look like. And your contractor should communicate clearly with you what to expect with your particular project. But if you’re like the rest of us who like to do a bit of research before making any commitments, here’s what you can typically expect with a bathroom remodel project.

The bathroom remodel process: what you can typically expect


Whether you’re simply upgrading your toilet/shower/cabinets or you’re doing a complete overhaul, the design stage is imperative. It’s here that you’ll discuss with your contractor your must-haves, dreams and vision for the space. Remember, function is key.


Regardless of the redesign magnitude, some level of demolition will take place. If your project falls into the complete overhaul category, your contractor will likely arrange for an on-site dumpster or a hauling company to cart away the mess.


Okay, we realize roughing-in is an industry term and you might be left scratching your head. Basically, roughing-in just means that the electrician and/or plumber will bring in the necessary lines (like plumbing pipes, ductwork, electrical conduit, etc) to the space without making the final connections. At this point, the city or county will conduct their inspection.


Once the lines have been roughed in and the inspection is completed, the bathtub and/or shower are installed in accordance to those lines. This is also when your bathroom sink and toilet arrive on the scene.


It’s during this stage that your vision finally starts to come to life. The rough sketch becomes a reality. Here, your flooring gets laid, walls get closed up and another inspection happens. From here, your walls get painted, fixtures get installed and your cabinets are put in.

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