When talking about home design-build services, kitchen and bath design are often lumped together as the same thing. If you’ve ever wondered why, here’s our best answer.


While distinct in many ways — we all know bathrooms and kitchens have very different purposes, after all — there are more similarities between kitchen and bath design than you might think. To help you understand, here are just a few of the ways kitchen and bath design overlap when it comes to construction and renovation.

The Commonalities of Kitchen and Bath Design

Functional Needs

Kitchens and bathrooms are some of the most essential areas in any home. Efficient operation means practical plumbing, reliable water supply, easy drainage, and safe electrical systems. Because these systems are so interlinked, kitchen and bath design often concern one another.

Dealing With Water

As the two plumbing-heavy rooms in the house, waterproofing and sealing are vital to both kitchens and bathrooms. This helps prevent damage and ensures that the structure remains strong and intact. Ensuring the longevity of these spaces involves taking measures to protect against water-related issues.

Storage Solutions 

As functional rooms, both kitchens and bathrooms have a variety of associated tools. Kitchen and bath design, therefore, often requires carefully planned storage solutions to keep these essential items organized. These typically include counters, drawers, and cabinets, all of which are common to both facilities.

Impact of Renovation

In general, homeowners can be sure that the state of both the kitchen and the bathroom will have a significant impact on a home’s resale value and overall appeal. When it comes to renovation, investing in kitchen and bath design in tandem just makes sense.

Why They’re Typically Grouped Together

The plumbing and infrastructure of both spaces are closely connected, which makes it more convenient to coordinate and install these systems simultaneously. Adopting this approach can simplify the construction process and save money on plumbing installations.


Due to the functional and aesthetic similarities, there’s a sizable overlap between the skill sets needed to address kitchen and bath design. Most experts qualified to work on bathrooms are just as qualified to work on kitchens, and vice versa. 

The Distinctions of Kitchen and Bath Design

Despite their many similarities, kitchen and bath design still possess some unique qualities that differentiate them from one another. Here are a few essential distinctions:


For obvious reasons, kitchens are designed with a primary focus on cooking, food preparation, and providing a space for socializing. On the other hand, bathrooms are specifically designed to cater to personal hygiene needs and offer a place for relaxation and rejuvenation. While the fixtures often serve a similar purpose, this divergence tends to have a big impact on the ergonomics of the rooms’ respective designs.

Materials and Finishes

In terms of materials, kitchens often prioritize surfaces that are durable and resistant to stains. On the other hand, bathrooms tend to focus on materials and surfaces that can withstand moisture and are water-resistant. While these often overlap, as in the case of ceramic tiling, there are a variety of more specialized options unique to each room.

Fixtures and Appliances

In a kitchen, you’ll find a variety of appliances such as stoves, ovens, and refrigerators. On the other hand, bathrooms are typically equipped with fixtures like toilets, showers, and bathtubs. Even the sinks, though similar, are shaped to accommodate different purposes. 

Use of Storage

As previously stated, kitchen and bath design share a concern for storage needs and often employ similar cabinetry. In the case of kitchens, however, the main focus is on providing practical storage solutions for both heavy tools, like iron cookware, and perishable items, like food. Bathrooms, meanwhile, tend to prioritize the organization of personal care products and toiletries, which often require less specialized conditions for long-term storage.

Kitchen and Bath Design from Meridian DesignBuild

Though there are fundamental differences between kitchen and bath design, it is their undeniable similarities that have led to them being grouped together. Both play an essential role in the functionality, aesthetics, and overall value of your home — so why not tackle them together?


Here at Meridian DesignBuild, every project is personal. Whether it’s your kitchen, your bath, or both, you can depend on our team to approach it with distinctly personalized solutions. Get in touch today to discover the perfect blend of style and practicality for your kitchen and bath. 


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