People love to watch TV shows that follow the story of homeowners celebrating an old house remodel before and after — and wonder if that could be them. While being on television may be a pipe dream, you absolutely can bring new life to your old home through the magic of house remodeling. 


But before committing to any remodeling work, it’s important to understand the steps it takes to make your dream home become a reality. 

The Design-Build Process 

Every homeowner wants to have the best experience possible during their home renovation or remodeling projects. Here is the process you can expect when you work with a contractor for your remodeling project:

Initial Inquiry 

The first step involves connecting with a designer to discuss goals and current ideas for the project before sending it to the next step of the process.


Every remodel and renovation project requires a consultation. This will occur at your home/desired project location to discuss the specifics of your goals and your budget for the project. Allowing your contractor to see the space in person can impact the process moving forward and give them an idea of the next best steps. 

Design Agreement 

After your consultation is completed, you will receive an estimate for the project for you to accept. This is when the development phases officially start, and your designer will meet with you to go over materials, layouts, and your project’s comprehensive plan. This step of the process is collaboration-focused and will be a great time to brainstorm the details for the final product. 

Construction Contract 

After the plans are finalized for the design agreement, you will receive the total cost of your project. This is impacted by the materials chosen for the design, the extent of the work, and the timing of the project. Once the construction contract is signed and approved, a project schedule will be provided. Soon, you’ll start to watch your home transform into your dream home. 

Common Remodeling Services 

Remodeling looks different for every home due to its unique design. When designing a space, it is important to keep the design cohesive and work with the home. Some of the most common remodeling projects include: 

Kitchen and Bathroom Remodels 

When people talk about remodeling their homes, it usually encompasses specific spaces such as the kitchen or the bathroom — common areas that you use every day. 

Outdoor Living Remodels 

This can include outdoor remodeling from screened-in porches, layered decks, and stunning gazebos. You deserve to enjoy your outdoor living space, and our team can help make that happen. 

Whole-House Remodels

Many homeowners choose to upgrade their entire living space all at once. Reasons for a whole-house remodel include upgrading systems such as plumbing and electrical, adding technical wizardry including home automations, and structural changes like adding rooms.

Before and After: Your Old House to Your Dream House

Whether you are just now coming up with ideas or have a detailed plan for your remodel, Meridian DesignBuild is here to help. Work with a team that has more than 25 years of experience transforming living spaces into something truly special.


If you are in the greater Charlotte area and looking to experience the old house remodel before and after process for yourself, submit a contact form today. Fall in love with your home all over again!