Are you looking for ways to make your house feel more like a home? Is your kitchen or bathroom feeling outdated? 


Many homeowners search for “kitchen bath remodel near me” and are unsure where to start. If you have a design in mind for your kitchen or bathroom, turning that design into a home remodel may be easier than you think. 

3 Ways to Create Your Dream Kitchen 

Kitchens are considered the heart of the home. Making small changes throughout the kitchen can give you a new perspective on your space. Here’s how:

Building a Functional Kitchen Island

Some homes may feel like the kitchen is too small to have an island, yet kitchen islands are all about placement. Islands have the potential to enhance most kitchens when designed for function first. 


With any kitchen remodel, the more fixtures you can make functional, the better. This gives you more space to cook, eat, or host family and friends. 

Vibrant Colors and Color Theory 

Colors change the mood of any room of a home. A kitchen with the right colors creates a space that any homeowner can enjoy and be proud of. 


For example, hues such as yellow or green can impact your cooking experience by encouraging diversity in your cuisine. If you love warmer tones such as orange or red, these colors have been known to increase appetite. 


Whether you want more neutral colors, want your appliances to stand out, or want a dramatic change in color, kitchen/bath remodels can improve your at-home experiences.

Custom Cabinets 

Do you ever find yourself looking for more storage space in your kitchen? Custom cabinets are staples of your kitchen and draw your guests’ attention. Unlike other aspects of the home, the kitchen cabinets need to be both visually appealing and functional. 


When you search for a “kitchen remodel near me,” make sure to ask about cabinet options that complement your design. 

2 Tips to Elevate Your Bathroom 

Besides the kitchen, the bathroom is the most used space in a home. Having the best design for your bathroom can improve your day-to-day experience and increase your home’s value. 

Bathroom Lighting

The lighting of your bathroom gives the space a clean feeling. Bathrooms are private spaces, yet should come across as welcoming. Incorporating bright, fashionable light fixtures above the sink, bath, and shower allows guests to feel at home with every visit. 

Simple and Beautiful Tiles 

Floor and shower tiles make a statement in every bathroom. Finding a design and colors that flow with the rest of the home is essential for any bathroom remodel. While tiles may seem simple, having accents within the design can enhance the visuals of both master and guest bathrooms. 

Kitchen/Bath Remodel Near Me: Meridian DesignBuild

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