As we recently discussed, more and more baby boomers are trading relocation for renovation. And we can’t help but think that’s a wise move. We mentioned in our recent article that homes are simply more expensive these days. So making the choice to invest in your forever home in lieu of spending loads of cash on moving can actually help you, the baby boomer, ease into your golden years more comfortably not just financially, but physically as well. Interested? Here are our top remodeling tips for baby boomers.


Beyond simply updating the home for increased resale value, a baby boomer has a lot to consider when remodeling their home. Top of that list is the home’s functionality as the baby boomer shifts gears into their elderly years.

Work with trusted professionals

For baby boomers, some remodeling contractors are better than others. There are some professionals who have specialized experience modifying homes for those who plan to grow old in them. Furthermore, it’s important for boomers to source out a contractor they know they can trust. Sadly, it’s no secret that some so-called professionals take advantage of elderly clients. Check out the company’s reviews and their portfolio to determine if they’re the right fit for you.

Mind the step(s)

Take notice of the access points to your house. They likely involve a step or two which at this time in your life may be a non-issue. But looking toward the future, those steps can make even the simplest task such as carrying in groceries a real problem. Discuss making your access-points step-free with your remodeling contractor.

Light the way

Adding additional light to your most used rooms is a low-investment improvement that can have a massive impact as you age. Consider adding more lighting to your kitchen, home office, study and master bedroom.

Add assistance

While some remodeling plans are dramatic, simply adding a handrail to the shower or stairway can make a substantial difference. Your primary goal with this remodel is likely functionality as you age, and this small but handy addition can make it much easier for you to move about your home.

Take action sooner rather than later

Understandably, you may have visions of a life of leisure when it comes to your retirement. So the idea of a remodel might seem daunting. But if you take action sooner rather than later, you can sit back and enjoy your newly remodeled home as you gracefully sail into your golden years.

If these remodeling tips for baby boomers have inspired you to take action, get in touch!

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