With the holidays right around the corner, you might be preparing to have a joyful invasion of houseguests. And as you sit sipping your cup of coffee, you take a long hard look around your house and panic. Whether you’ll have a house full for weeks or just the occasional drop in guest, do these 5 holiday house projects to get your house in tip top shape this season.

1. Show your entryway some love

Take a moment to access your entryway, inside and out. You might notice some spider webs in the corners, a burnt out bulb or two, and/or some debris scattered around. With all the comings and goings this holiday season, you’ll want your entryway to be safe, bright and welcoming. Go ahead and give your front porch a good sweep; change any burnt out bulbs; wash the entryway windows inside and out; and ensure your steps are clear, visible and safe.

2. Do a kitchen deep clean

It’s no secret that the kitchen becomes the hub for any gathering. So it’d be a wise move to pay some special attention to this particular area. Consider doing a deep clean hitting all the areas that are typically overlooked such as: oven, cabinet doors, backsplash, inside the microwave, baseboards and pantry shelves. And we all have a cabinet or two that could use some organizing (looking at you, tupperware cabinet…).

3. Clean out your coat closet

Throughout the year, the entryway/hall coat closet tends to become quite a catchall. Take some time and sift through everything inside. Consider donating anything you haven’t used or worn in a year to make space for your guest’s coats.

4. Test your smoke & carbon monoxide detectors

Cooking and fires and festive lights, oh my! While all of these things partnered with a house full of loved ones can sure make for a happy holidays, they can also threaten your safety. Take a moment to lay eyes on and test all of the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in the house. It might not be a bad idea to go ahead and replace the batteries, too.

5. Finally do those minor repairs

Have an area that could use some touchup paint? Does a chair or stool wobble when you sit in it? What about that kitchen drawer that’s off its track. Every household has those pesky little repairs that need doing, but they often get put off. Now is the time to take a moment to spruce up your home.

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