Don’t know the first thing about hiring a contractor? Well, in today’s article we’re going to cover the top five things you need to know. This way you can find out how to choose the right contractor for your project and set the terms to keep you both happy.

5 things to know about hiring a contractor

1. Know what you want

You’re in the driver’s seat of this entire endeavor. So as the client, it’s important for you to take some time to figure out exactly what you want. You should have a good sense of your project goals, the amenities you’d like, and how you’d like everything to look. If you don’t know how to effectively communicate your vision, you might want to consider hiring a design consultant or a design-build firm that can offer that service. (Hint: we do!)

2. Get bids from several contractors

You want to be certain that you’re hiring a contractor that’s priced fairly. In order to determine that, we’d encourage you to get at least three bids. But half a dozen bids would help you get an even clearer understanding of how these companies stack up against each other.

3. Know what you’ll be paying for

A good contractor will provide you with a “scope of work” proposal. Within it, they’ll include a break down of the job budget into line-item costs for labor, materials, fees, etc. If nothing else, it’ll at least offer specifics about what tasks the contractor will perform and what products will be used.

4. Set boundaries for the job site

It’s a good idea to let the company know what you expect when it comes behavior at the job site. This might include guidelines for bathroom use, smoking, parking and other issues that may concern you. When hiring a contractor, you should always expect routine precautions like employee background checks for anyone who will have access to your home.

5. Be aware of contract details

The contract is put in place to protect both parties involved. So it’s important that you pay attention to the details. These details might include start and completion dates, information on applicable permits and fees, and descriptions of what will be provided by the contractor.

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