Are you looking for a contractor that can bring your unique vision of your home to life? Finding a contractor that understands your goals and has a reputation for timeless results and excellent construction should be at the top of your checklist. 


Whether you need new floors, fixtures, or a complete redesign, here’s why searching phrases such as “kitchen bath contractors near me” should lead you directly to Meridian DesignBuild. 

Meridian DesignBuild’s History of Success 

The team at Meridian DesignBuild was originally launched in 2005 in Charlotte, North Carolina, with a desire to promote community with a talented construction team and unique approaches to design. While there are other kitchen and bath contractors in the Charlotte area, Meridian DesignBuild is made up of a family with over 20 combined years of experience with construction and design. 


Our services include:



You can find the Meridian DesignBuild portfolio here.

3 Things to Consider When Designing Kitchens and Bathrooms 

Deciding on what types of designs to incorporate into your home can be challenging due to all of the options and the commitment it takes to follow through with the process. Here are a few things to consider during your redesign process to help make your redesign a positive experience. 

1. Timeless Solutions Rather Than Trends 

While there are plenty of trends going on in the residential design world, there are better approaches to creating beautiful spaces in your home. Consider timeless solutions such as using colors or other elements that can be found in nature. 


Also, think about taking advantage of designs that plan for future evolutions in technology, function, and accessibility. The most effective kitchen and bath designs are adaptable without needing drastic changes over time. 


If you have questions about your design ideas, requesting a phone consultation with Meridian DesignBuild is easy and can clarify your path forward. 

2. Creating a Focal Point

Focal points are the elements within a design that naturally draw the eyes of the beholder. Having focal points throughout different spaces of your home can provide inspiration and a more enjoyable experience in your home. 


Useful focal points for kitchens and bathrooms can include:


  • Decorative tiles 
  • Feature walls 
  • A center island 
  • A window
  • The sink or vanity in a bathroom
  • The shower 

3. Encouraging Welcoming Experiences

Every home has unique components that make it special. What makes it a home is your personal touches and use of design to create memories and welcoming experiences. 


Having grounded elements such as an island with seating and warm lighting are ways to provide such experiences within your kitchen. A professional remodeler with design expertise can help you bring your own ideas to life as well as offer suggestions that you may not have considered.

Meridian DesignBuild and Your Future Renovations 

If you are in the Charlotte area and looking for a contractor to renovate your kitchen and bathroom, Meridian DesignBuild is ready to make it happen. Regardless of where you are in the process, from brainstorming and design to starting construction, our team can help you in the completion of your project.


Ready to get started or have questions regarding your kitchen and bathroom remodeling options? Submit a contact form today. 

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