When you think of a luxury modern kitchen, what comes to mind? The answer to this question varies from homeowner to homeowner, and every dream kitchen is unique. If you love cooking, your kitchen may need the best appliances and extra counter space. If you’re a parent with little kids, you may want a lot of seating or surfaces that are especially easy to clean. 


Regardless of your specific taste, getting the luxury modern kitchen of your dreams is possible. Let’s take a closer look at the most essential elements people should consider when planning an upgrade to your culinary space.

5 Elements of a Luxury Modern Kitchen

Depending on your style and the characteristics of your home, different designs bring new perspectives to your kitchen. Some of the most popular luxury kitchen elements include: 

A Pop of Color 

A common aspect of a luxury modern kitchen is the intentional use of colors. By painting cabinets or an accent wall, you set the tone for the kind of energy and experience you want to have in your kitchen. Colors like black and dark shades of blue promote a chic, streamlined, timeless space, while bright colors like yellow project a room that’s positive and full of life.

Bold Lighting 

Light impacts the perspective of any room within a home. Bold lighting fixtures direct the attention of any viewer and help you highlight different details in your kitchen. Adequate lighting is also essential for seeing what you’re doing in the kitchen, which can be particularly important for tasks like cutting and chopping.

Dark Countertops and Surface Space 

Sleek, dark countertops are visually appealing and functional. When designing your luxury kitchen, it is important to account for all the surface space. Making the most of counter, tabletop, and storage areas provides a better environment for cooking, dining, and creating lifelong memories with your family.

Additional Seating 

Have you ever run out of seating when hosting an event? With any kitchen remodeling project, extra space for larger groups can transform your home into a host’s dream and help your guests feel comfortable. 

Attention to Detail and Use of Metallics 

Throughout history, metals such as silver and gold represented luxury and wealth. The same applies to metallics in interior design. Using metallic accents in the kitchen with appliances and cabinets brings a new shine to your home. 

Finding the Right Team for Your Remodel 

Once you have your design for your remodel, the next step is finding the contracting team to complete the project. The best professional contractors will take the time to understand your vision and are equipped and experienced to help you achieve it. 


Working with a team that collaborates with you from the start of your project is essential for a remodeling project to be completed on time and within budget. You want a firm with proven experience completing a variety of remodels so you can rest assured your home is in good hands. 

Luxury Kitchen: Modern Designs

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